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RV Flag Pole & WiFi Antenna

Cell phone internet signal booster on an RV flag pole.

RV Flag Pole & WiFi Antenna

Improve your WiFi and cellphone signal while showing your patriotism.

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: One Hour
Price: $600

One of the biggest hurdles to full-time RVing is reliable internet. So you’ve done all your research. You know that campground WiFi is usually unreliable and slow. You’ve chosen a main carrier and found a data plan that fits your needs. You even have a backup carrier for those times when your main carrier has poor coverage or is experiencing issues. Off you go with your new phones, routers, and contingency plans. Things are great and the internet puts the world at your fingertips until your first night of a week-long stay at that gorgeous campground on the river. The trout are practically jumping into your skillet, but nobody on Instagram knows because your one bar of signal keeps fading in and out. We’ve all sung that tune, but there is hope!

When you rely on your phone or internet to make a living, full-time RVing has its challenges.
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Solar Screens for RV

Solar Screen DIY project to help keep your RV cooler.

Solar Screens for RV

August 31, 2021 – Shane

Cool off your RV with a quick DIY project!

It can get pretty hot in a camper when you’re sitting in the sun. Our families live in the South, so we spend way too much time in 90+ degree weather. During our first summer as full-timers, we knew we had to do something to reduce the heat inside our fifth wheel, and started researching. It was obvious the windows were letting in a lot of heat, so we did what campers have done for decades, add Reflectix. . . but it wasn’t enough.

In the simplest terms, Reflectix is bubble wrap with a reflective coating on both sides. It’s used as insulation in the construction industry and RV’ers use it to help keep the sun’s heat out of their rigs. You buy a roll and cut it to fit against the inside of your windows, but there are a couple of problems.

Reflectix in an RV window, doing very little to help keep the heat out.
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