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Umbrella Stand for RVs

DIY campground umbrella holder.

Umbrella Stand for Campgrounds

August 31, 2021 – Shane

A picnic table can always use a little shade. Our quick and easy DIY umbrella holder keeps you out of the sun and rain.

A little shade on the picnic table can sure be nice. We’ve used pop-up canopies and screen rooms before, but they take forever to set up and take down. We wanted something quick and easy that we didn’t dread dealing with. Something that could be brought down quickly when the weather reared its head. One day we found an end-of-the-season clearance on patio umbrellas and grabbed one.

Our new umbrella shading where our dog, Tucker, likes to nap.

Normally, we would have bought an umbrella base, but that isn’t a good option when you’re on the road. Not only do the cheap ones start at $30 and top out around $150, but they weigh 25 pounds or more and take up a lot of room. Rv’ers are painfully aware of two things: weight and space. So this was going to take a bit of creativity.

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