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Alligators, Wildlife, Oh My!

“Alligators, Wildlife, Oh My! “

8 Tips to Maximize Your Experience on Pintail Drive
August 3, 2021

In the wildlife-rich bayous of Southwest Louisiana, a simple drive down LA-27 towards the Gulf of Mexico from Lake Charles takes you by a gem that will wow young and old alike. It is a 9,621-acre area full of wildlife, alligators, and migratory birds. Officially known as Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge, Pintail Drive, and Boardwalk. This refuge is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services and is open year-round. There is no fee to enter this drive-thru experience. A simple entrance sign indicates the location. Pull in, drive slowly and start your adventure. Oh, and have your camera or phone ready to take pictures.

Shortly after entering the one-way road, a parking area is present for a boardwalk stroll through the wetland. At the time of this blog (August 2021), the boardwalk was closed due to damage from 2020 hurricanes that battered the area. Hopefully, it will reopen soon, as walking on the boardwalk through the wetlands is a genuine experience.

Alligator enjoying life in Southern Louisiana
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