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Solar Screens for RV

Solar Screen DIY project to help keep your RV cooler.

Solar Screens for RV

August 31, 2021 – Shane

Cool off your RV with a quick DIY project!

It can get pretty hot in a camper when you’re sitting in the sun. Our families live in the South, so we spend way too much time in 90+ degree weather. During our first summer as full-timers, we knew we had to do something to reduce the heat inside our fifth wheel, and started researching. It was obvious the windows were letting in a lot of heat, so we did what campers have done for decades, add Reflectix. . . but it wasn’t enough.

In the simplest terms, Reflectix is bubble wrap with a reflective coating on both sides. It’s used as insulation in the construction industry and RV’ers use it to help keep the sun’s heat out of their rigs. You buy a roll and cut it to fit against the inside of your windows, but there are a couple of problems.

Reflectix in an RV window, doing very little to help keep the heat out.
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