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DIY RV Cord Reel

RV electric cord real for 50A lifeline.

DIY RV Cord Reel

September 23, 2021 – Shane

Organize your RV basement with a simple DIY project!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: Half an Hour
Price: Under $40
Benefits: Priceless

RV electric cord real for 50A lifeline.
50A Camper lifeline on our manual cord reel.

Your RV’s cord can be a hassle. It’s one of the last items you put away and one of the first ones to come out, but there just isn’t an easy place to store it. And what if it’s raining? Nothing like 35 feet of muddy lifeline wadded up on top of your lawn chairs and drinking hose. Throw it in the bed of your truck and sooner or later it will sprout legs and walk away.

My final straw was when I pulled it out of the basement in the pouring rain and it caught on my tool bag. And then my bucket of water hose and fittings. And my step stool. And the brand new role of blue shop towels. So now all of my tools were wet and muddy and so were the towels to clean them with. I went searching for a better solution.

A tangled mess of RV electric cord in the basement of our 5th wheel.
A big old mess in our 5th wheel basement when we don’t roll up the muddy cord.
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