Tribal Flame Cross

Tribal Flame Cross

  1. Change the background to match your vehicle by clicking "Vehicle Color" and then the small colored box.
  2. Clicking "Decal Color" will offer you the decal color palette.

Approximate sizes in inches: 6×3, 12×5, 18×8, 22×10, 28×13, 36×16, 42×18



Add a fresh, modern feel to your RV or vehicle with this tribal flame cross. This decal is available in an array of colors including reflective to add a whole new level of safety to your ride.

We use the highest quality outdoor vinyl to insure your decal looks great for years to come. Our non-reflective decals are made from Oracal 651, the industry standard for outdoor signage.  When constantly exposed to the elements it has an expected life of 6+ years.  If taken care of, it has the potential to last as long as your vehicle or RV. Our reflective decals use the same 3M reflective vinyl trusted worldwide for fire trucks and police cars!


Additional information


6", 12", 18", 22", 28", 36", 42"

Reflective? [Black, White and Red only]

Reflective, Non-Reflective


Some Stuff You Probably Should Know

  • Our Graphic Designers will size your personalized text to look good with font you choose, so it may not be exactly the size you see here.
  • Colors can be a little funky on the web.  Don’t expect a perfect match to what you saw on your 2005 flip-phone’s screen. We use the standard colors you see on decals.
  • Reflective colors tend to have a bit of a flat finish. But they still look great.
  • Read the instructions.  Please.  We can’t be responsible for messed up stickers.  A lot of things can affect how well a sticker, well, sticks. If you mess up, let us know and we may offer a discount on a replacement. Installation Instructions
  • Sizes are approximate.   If you’re needing something specific contact us.
  • Never place a reflective decal on the front of your vehicle or within 3 inches of a factory installed light.
  • Delivery: We create these decals when you order them and it can take a couple of days.  If you’re needing them in a hurry, send us a message.
  • The final design may vary a bit. Occasionally we need to tweak a design so that it is easier to apply.
  • There are no backgrounds on these decals.  Your background will be whatever you are placing it on. So when figuring out what sticker to buy, be sure to use the “Vehicle Color” button to set the background.
  • All images and designs are Copyright Wander And Reflect and all rights reserved.  We know they’re great, but don’t go copying them.
  • For all sorts of fun and interesting information check out our FAQs.


Be Seen! Be Safe!

Increase your safety with a reflective decal for your RV, Boat, trailer or vehicle.  This same vinyl is used on Fire Trucks and Police cars. Now the reflective stripes that First Responders trust to protect them can be protecting your family! And the Reflective-Black shines white at night making sure your RV won’t be missed!

The Department of Transportation requires that there be at least  250 square inches of retroreflective material on the rear of a semi trailer.  However, they don’t require any on the back of an RV or travel trailer!  Shouldn’t your families home on the road be protected at least as well as a truck load of cat food?

We use 3M Scotchlite 5100 Series  seven+ year vinyl.    ASTM and NFPA 1901 approved reflective colors mean that you’ll be seen at night!

Reflective available in BLACK, WHITE and RED only.

Custom Decals

Fully CUSTOM decals also available!  Let the world know who you are or what you believe with a custom-made, one-of-a-kind, hyphen-worthy sticker for your truck, RV or whatever you can get to hold still.  #Hashtags, call to action, company name, URL,  your darling 2nd grader’s art off the fridge, you name it and we’ll give it our best shot.  Just send us a description of what you want and we’ll help make your dreams come true!

The Greens

Your kids artwork turned into a camper sticker.


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