Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager

Don’t ask me how they do it. . .driving traffic, getting likes, trending, and going viral. It’s all the realm of the Social Media Manager.  Now you can let others in the park know that you are available to improve their presence on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media platforms. HireMeGlyphs – Stealth Marketing!

Pack of 3 reflective decals, approximately 3.75 x 3.75 each.

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Work from the road? Let everyone in the park know what you do without violating campground rules or drawing the attention of your insurance company.  HireMeGlyphs - Stealth Marketing!

  • Reflective vinyl from 3M helps you get noticed when parked and adds an extra measure of safety on the highway.
  • No door magnets to scratch your paint. No giant sign turning you into a rolling billboard.
  • You aren't advertising. . .there's no phone number or business name.
  • Just like that fly fishing bumper sticker on your truck, people who are interested will stop by and ask you about it.
  • 3 pieces! One for your tow vehicle and one for the front and back of your RV.
  • Don't see your occupation?  Send us a message and we'll see what we can design!
  • Hobos began using their own set of symbols in the mid 1800's to pass on important information (where to sleep, who has the best handouts, etc.).  Now is the time for RVers to do the same with the stealth marketing power of HireMeGlyphs.
  • Wanna wear it? We can turn your glyph into a t-shirt.  An inverse of the image looks great and without all that extra vinyl it stays light weight and comfortable. Our Eat, Sleep, Hunt Rocks shirt is a great example of what they look like with 2 or 3 HireMeGlyphs.

Some of our HireMeGlyphs: Author, Blogger, RV Repair, Solar Installer, RV & Truck Detailer, Mechanic, Pet Sitter, Pet Grooming, Decals, Balloon Twister, Barber, Hair Stylist, Baby Sitting, Campground Host, Video Production, Photographer, Podcaster, Singer, Travel Hacker, T-shirt Creator,  Social Media Manager . . .many more to come!


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