Decal Instructions

Decal Instructions

* Clean the surface with warm, soapy water and dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.
DO NOT use Windex or other window cleaners! Let me repeat for those in the back that may not of ‘heard’. DO NOT use Windex or other window cleaners! As tempting as this is don’t do it. This inhibits the decal from adhering to the surface as it is designed to.

* Your decal is made up of 3 layers:
Backing Paper – solid sheet that you can’t see through.
Vinyl – the image you will be putting on your item.
Transfer Tape – you can see the vinyl through this layer. It will often look like masking tape.

* Place the decal on a flat surface with the image facing up so you can see it. Drag a nylon squeegee (or driver’s license) across the decal to ensure the transfer tape is stuck to the vinyl. Sometimes the decal will curl in shipping, if it has, just place a book or other flat item on top of it for a few hours.

* Lay the decal onto your item with the Backing Paper against the item. You should be able to see your decal image through the transfer tape.

* We try very hard to cut the top and bottom edge of the Backing Paper so that they are parallel to the design, making alignment easier. Your decal may also have two or more pieces of alignment vinyl in a row that aren’t part of the design. If you have these, we have added them to help you align the image and they can be scraped off after the decal is applied.

* It’s much easier to remove the Backing Paper if you pull it at the sharpest angle possible. It should be almost doubled over on itself, with your fingers sliding along on top of the section you haven’t removed yet. You always remove the Backing Paper from the Transfer Tape, not the other way around. The Transfer Tape and Vinyl should remain still while the Backing Paper is peeled away.

Top Hinge Method – best for regular sized decals
1) Align your decal and attach the top edge to the item with masking tape. The tape will act as a hinge and you can now flip the decal upside down.

2) With the decal upside down, remove the Backing Paper to reveal the sticky backing of the vinyl. If you have problems getting them to separate, just rub the decal with your squeegee (or driver’s license) and try again. Now the exposed vinyl is going to stick to anything it touches, so take your time and be careful.

3) Slowly flip the decal back over, but don’t let it touch anything. Starting from the top center, slowly squeegee the vinyl onto the surface, being careful not to leave bubbles or wrinkles. Work slowly, applying small sections at a time. Squeegee it down until it’s good and stuck to the surface.

4) Grasp a corner of the Transfer Tape and slowly peel it away from the surface, revealing the finished product. It works best if you fold it completely back against itself as you peel it. If the vinyl doesn’t want to stay on the surface, just lay the Transfer Tape back down and rub that spot with your squeegee.

5) Step back and admire a job well done. Be the envy of your campground, neighborhood, and friends!


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