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The Tornado

The Tornado

July 28, 2021

Cow flying around in a tornado.
“I gotta go Julia, we got cows” – Twister (1996)

Well, in our case it was a trash can.

It was December 2020, we were traveling from Summerdale, Alabama to Reeves, Louisiana for a two-night stay before heading home to Arkansas for Christmas.

I have weather apps on my phone, check them religiously before we leave on a trip and during the trip. I saw where storms were predicted for that afternoon that we would cross paths with in Louisiana. Shane and I talked about it. I figured that we would be near a Wal-Mart where we could park if necessary to let the storm go by. Storms can be rough when towing. It’s always a bit easier to wait a bit, let a storm go through, then start out or continue on with the trip. There aren’t a lot of areas where you can pull to the side of a road or stop for a while when you are 60′ long, as we are.

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