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HireMeGlyphs – Stealth Marketing

Rv and Truck detailers can find work with this 3m reflective vinyl decal.

HireMeGlyphs –
Stealth Marketing

August 17, 2021

Let’s find out more about HireMeGlyphs, one of the many products offered by Wander and Reflect….

Problem-solving has always been an ace-in-the-hole skill for Shane Green, creator, and developer of HireMeGlyphs. There have been plenty of opportunities for him to problem solve since hitting the road full-time.

HireMeGlyphs is a new and innovative way for RV’ers to market their employable skills outside the usual realm of advertising.

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Why Every RV Should Have Reflective Decals

Why Every RV Should Have Reflective Decals

A tale of fear and loathing in a Walmart parking lot. . .
May 31, 2021

Grace hitched up to Miss Kettlebottom and ready for our next adventure.

SLIDE OUTS ~ It all started when we were boondocking in a Walmart parking lot with nearly a hundred campers and semis. Big trucks were coming and going all night, just inches from our slide out and we cringed each time.  3AM found me in the automotive section buying stick on reflectors.  They looked ugly, but we felt safer.  We knew there had to be a better way. . . and Wander and Reflect was born

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