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DIY RV Cord Reel

RV electric cord real for 50A lifeline.

DIY RV Cord Reel

September 23, 2021 – Shane

Organize your RV basement with a simple DIY project!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: Half an Hour
Price: Under $40
Benefits: Priceless

RV electric cord real for 50A lifeline.
50A Camper lifeline on our manual cord reel.

Your RV’s cord can be a hassle. It’s one of the last items you put away and one of the first ones to come out, but there just isn’t an easy place to store it. And what if it’s raining? Nothing like 35 feet of muddy lifeline wadded up on top of your lawn chairs and drinking hose. Throw it in the bed of your truck and sooner or later it will sprout legs and walk away.

My final straw was when I pulled it out of the basement in the pouring rain and it caught on my tool bag. And then my bucket of water hose and fittings. And my step stool. And the brand new role of blue shop towels. So now all of my tools were wet and muddy and so were the towels to clean them with. I went searching for a better solution.

A tangled mess of RV electric cord in the basement of our 5th wheel.
A big old mess in our 5th wheel basement when we don’t roll up the muddy cord.
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Solar Screens for RV

Solar Screen DIY project to help keep your RV cooler.

Solar Screens for RV

August 31, 2021 – Shane

Cool off your RV with a quick DIY project!

It can get pretty hot in a camper when you’re sitting in the sun. Our families live in the South, so we spend way too much time in 90+ degree weather. During our first summer as full-timers, we knew we had to do something to reduce the heat inside our fifth wheel, and started researching. It was obvious the windows were letting in a lot of heat, so we did what campers have done for decades, add Reflectix. . . but it wasn’t enough.

In the simplest terms, Reflectix is bubble wrap with a reflective coating on both sides. It’s used as insulation in the construction industry and RV’ers use it to help keep the sun’s heat out of their rigs. You buy a roll and cut it to fit against the inside of your windows, but there are a couple of problems.

Reflectix in an RV window, doing very little to help keep the heat out.
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Umbrella Stand for RVs

DIY campground umbrella holder.

Umbrella Stand for Campgrounds

August 31, 2021 – Shane

A picnic table can always use a little shade. Our quick and easy DIY umbrella holder keeps you out of the sun and rain.

A little shade on the picnic table can sure be nice. We’ve used pop-up canopies and screen rooms before, but they take forever to set up and take down. We wanted something quick and easy that we didn’t dread dealing with. Something that could be brought down quickly when the weather reared its head. One day we found an end-of-the-season clearance on patio umbrellas and grabbed one.

Our new umbrella shading where our dog, Tucker, likes to nap.

Normally, we would have bought an umbrella base, but that isn’t a good option when you’re on the road. Not only do the cheap ones start at $30 and top out around $150, but they weigh 25 pounds or more and take up a lot of room. Rv’ers are painfully aware of two things: weight and space. So this was going to take a bit of creativity.

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HireMeGlyphs – Stealth Marketing

HireMeGlyphs –
Stealth Marketing

August 17, 2021

Let’s find out more about HireMeGlyphs, one of the many products offered by Wander and Reflect….

Problem-solving has always been an ace-in-the-hole skill for Shane Green, creator, and developer of HireMeGlyphs. There have been plenty of opportunities for him to problem solve since hitting the road full-time.

HireMeGlyphs is a new and innovative way for RV’ers to market their employable skills outside the usual realm of advertising.

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Our Top 8 Reasons Why We Love RV Life

Our Top 8 Reasons Why
We Love RV Life

“Not all who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien
August 15, 2021

Eagle Harbor, Michigan on Lake Superior

We love full-time RV life. Here are 8 reasons why (in no particular order):

1. The shorter amount of time it takes to clean our 355 square foot home vs. our sticks ‘n bricks before. A shorter amount of time to clean = more time to explore, enjoy, and relish the moments.

Love having a smaller space to clean.

2. The ability to chase 70-degree weather or your preferred temperature whenever you want. This is the motto of almost every full-time RVer. Everyone wants to chase the good weather and skip the bad weather.

Lake Superior Coast in the Upper Peninsula

3. Experiencing local cuisine. We have had pasties in Michigan, Italian beef at Portillo’s in Chicago, crawfish and gumbo in Louisiana, tenderloins in Illinois, and a wide menu in between. If you have never been to a Louisiana crawfish boil, find your way to a local’s backyard, push up those sleeves, and enjoy.

Illinois tenderloin sandwich
Louisiana crawfish boil
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“It must be nice, you are always on vacation!”

“It must be nice, you are always on vacation!”

July 28, 2021

“It must be nice, you are always on vacation,” is a statement heard often by full-time RV’ers, usually said by a well-meaning friend, family member, or acquaintance.

What seems like a picture-perfect vacation on the outside: a camping vessel (RV, fifth wheel, travel trailer), lawn chairs placed under a pristine awning, grill strategically placed adjacent to the picnic table, adorable dog sleeping next to a chair, and those cute lights you saw at the store last week hanging across the awning. You immediately think, “They are so lucky to be on vacation all the time”! Looks, as you well know, can be deceiving. The outdoor living setup for us is usually aspirational, everything we hope to be doing after we get our work done.

Scene from movie 'RV' where the motorhome is in the lake.
“Home is where you park it.” – unknown
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