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Why Should I Use Reflective Decals on My RV?

CUSTOMIZED ~ Let your personality shine through! With a decal from Wander and Reflect other campers can know a bit more about you. Let us add your hashtag or URL  and spread your brand wherever you go. Just taking the family out for a weekend in the woods? Then let’s add your family name to a picture of your favorite past time. Make sure your camper is as unique as you are!

SAFETY ~ Be Seen, Be Safe!  An RV can be hard to see in the rain, fog or darkness. Why settle for just your taillights?   Semitrailers are required to have more than 250 square-inches of reflective striping on the back, but your camper probably has none.  A reflective decal from Wander and Reflect can protect your family and look great at the same time.

A tractor trailer with the minimum required reflectors
The back of a semi that meets NHTSA and DOT minimum reflective tape requirements. Shouldn’t your camper stand out as well at night?

SLIDE OUTS ~ It all started when we were boondocking in a Walmart parking lot with nearly a hundred campers and semis. Big trucks were coming and going all night, just inches from our slide out and we cringed each time.  3AM found me in the automotive section buying stick on reflectors.  They looked ugly, but we felt safer.  We knew there had to be a better way. . . and Wander and Reflect was born.

RVs, travel trailers, 5th wheels, horse trailers, pickup trucks, you name it and reflective decals from Wander and Reflect can make them personal, stylish and safe!