Why do I need reflective stickers?

Do you ever get worried about something so much that you just don’t feel safe until you’ve fixed it? I’m not talking about making a tinfoil hat so the government can’t read your brain waves, that’s just outright paranoia (or is it?). Our moment came while sleeping in a Walmart parking lot in New Mexico, as another big rig roared by at what we were sure was just fractions of an inch from our travel trailer. This was a popular boondocking site with nearly 100 rigs of every shape and size neatly organized in long lines, security patrols and picnic tables. They even allowed slideouts. . .and that’s where the paranoia started to set in.

At night, the backends of most campers don’t really stand out. They can be pretty hard to see, but a slideout, well, that’s downright camouflaged. The slides are usually white or black with nothing to alert those around you to them. So as another semi came by, I hiked into the store to find some sort of reflectors.  As I’m sticking $1.50 bicycle reflectors on my rig at four in the morning I’m beginning to wonder if there isn’t a much better way to protect us and our investment. And so, Wander And Reflect was born with the goal of keeping everyone safe with stylish, fun and highly reflective decals.

Just a thought. . . Semitrailers are required to have more than 250 square-inches of reflective striping on the back per NHTSA and DOT. How much does your “home-on-wheels” have?

Can the decals be used outdoors?

You bet!

Our decals are made of Orcal 651. This is one of the top selling exterior vinyls on the market.  When applied correctly it can stay where you put it for 6+ years! If taken care of, it can last as long as your vehicle. Our reflective stickers use the same 3M reflective vinyl trusted world wide for fire trucks and police cars!

Just be sure to clean the surface thoroughly before applying.

DO NOT use Windex to clean the surface!

Can I get a custom decal or shirt?

Thanks for putting your faith in our design abilities, but the answer is “probably not”.  It can take a lot of time to create a new design, so it’s just not economical to create something for just one person.

But on the other hand, if you were needing a whole bunch of them then that’s a different story.  We can create designs for a campground, church or group.  Drop us a note and let us know:

  • how many?
  • how many colors?
  • when do you need them?
  • what is your design idea?

It never hurts to ask.