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HireMeGlyphs – Stealth Marketing

Rv and Truck detailers can find work with this 3m reflective vinyl decal.

HireMeGlyphs –
Stealth Marketing

August 17, 2021

Let’s find out more about HireMeGlyphs, one of the many products offered by Wander and Reflect….

Problem-solving has always been an ace-in-the-hole skill for Shane Green, creator, and developer of HireMeGlyphs. There have been plenty of opportunities for him to problem solve since hitting the road full-time.

HireMeGlyphs is a new and innovative way for RV’ers to market their employable skills outside the usual realm of advertising.

“RV’ers need a simple way to find and hire help in campgrounds,” stated Green. “Typical employment boards are commonly utilized by corporations looking for remote employees, gig jobs, work camping, virtual assistants, just to name a few. With HireMeGlyphs RV’ers can look for fellow campers to employ for pet sitting, video, rv repair, detailing, and many more.”

HireMeGlyphs are nearly four-inch reflective decals that can be placed on the front and rear of the recreational vehicle. It allows the RV’er to be seen without violating campground policies or attracting unwanted attention from your insurance company.

The use of ‘glyphs’ is common throughout the ages, as most recently hobos used marks and code to indicate where others can find the best food, lodging, etc.

Green indicated that Phase 2 of HireMeGlyphs is in the initial phase with exciting details to share this fall. Future updates will be provided in the website’s newsletter.

Shane and Kate are empty-nesters enjoying full-time RV life. They travel in their Montana fifth wheel with their cat, Sheldon, and their dog, Tucker.

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