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Our Top 8 Reasons Why We Love RV Life

Our Top 8 Reasons Why
We Love RV Life

“Not all who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien
August 15, 2021

Eagle Harbor, Michigan on Lake Superior

We love full-time RV life. Here are 8 reasons why (in no particular order):

1. The shorter amount of time it takes to clean our 355 square foot home vs. our sticks ‘n bricks before. A shorter amount of time to clean = more time to explore, enjoy, and relish the moments.

Love having a smaller space to clean.

2. The ability to chase 70-degree weather or your preferred temperature whenever you want. This is the motto of almost every full-time RVer. Everyone wants to chase the good weather and skip the bad weather.

Lake Superior Coast in the Upper Peninsula

3. Experiencing local cuisine. We have had pasties in Michigan, Italian beef at Portillo’s in Chicago, crawfish and gumbo in Louisiana, tenderloins in Illinois, and a wide menu in between. If you have never been to a Louisiana crawfish boil, find your way to a local’s backyard, push up those sleeves, and enjoy.

Illinois tenderloin sandwich
Louisiana crawfish boil

4. The gift of spending quality time with friends and family all over the country. No more planning a regular vacation around trying to speed-see multiple relatives and friends. Route planning can include longer stops to visit and relish the moments.

Family get-together in Illinois, the guys of the family.
My dad with his great-grandsons a.k.a. our great-nephews.

5. Experiencing the towns you visit. We have been thrilled to enjoy: picnics in the park by a canal in Michigan; rock hunting on Lake Superior; sunsets over Lake Superior; sandy beaches in Alabama; sunsets over Mobile Bay; Christmas lights in downtown Fairhope, Alabama; cornfields in Iowa; alligators in Southern Louisiana; Christmas boat parade in Orange Beach, Alabama; and so much more. There is always an opportunity to enjoy local life wherever you roam.

Picnic spot on Portage Canal, Houghton, Michigan (in the Upper Peninsula)
Enjoying the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama
Bama Henge, Elberta, Alabama
Sunset over Mobile Bay, Eastern Shore,
Fairhope, Alabama
Downtown Fairhope, Alabama at Christmas time

6. Meeting new people no matter where you roam. Friendly and kind folks are everywhere.

7. Full-time RV’ing has allowed us to release ourselves from a lot of ‘stuff’. It has allowed us the freedom to appreciate what we have and not worry about all the excess. More on downsizing and the process and emotion that accompanies it in a future post.

8. The opportunity traveling allows you and whoever is with you, whether it is your family, your spouse, your friend, or your partner, to grow your relationship. If you break down in the middle of nowhere, it is you, and whoever is with you. Traveling will magnify a relationship whether good or bad. Our experience has allowed us to grow and make our relationship the best it can be.

Take care and safe travels,

Alligator on Creole Nature Trail, Louisiana
Lacassine Pool area, Louisiana


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