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Happy 50th

peanut buster parfait from Dairy Queen turns 50.

Happy 50th

July 28, 2021

My little hands reached for the candy apple red, plastic long-handled spoon anxious to taste the soft vanilla ice cream, salty Spanish peanuts, and gooey hot fudge. My taste buds already recognized that this was the perfect bite. A life-long love began with my favorite treat.

The Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait and I turned 50 this year.

peanut buster parfait from Dairy Queen turns 50.
Fudgy, chocolatey goodness of a peanut buster parfait.

I was first introduced to Dairy Queen at the old store on Washington Avenue in Alton, Illinois. One of the owners, Bernie Malone, went to church with us. Whenever my parents and I would go in, he would tell them to put me up on that counter, โ€œthat girl needs some ice creamโ€. I still remember the smell of the store when we would walk in. I breathe deeply and I am transported back, as a time traveler, to a simpler time.

Though the peanut buster parfait is my ultimate favorite, on occasion I would get something else from the DQ menu, only rarely getting a hot fudge, sweet pineapple, or sticky marshmallow cream sundae instead of my treasured treat.

As I have gotten older, there is a special place in my heart for this royal treat. It is the vehicle that takes me back in time. Whenever I see a Dairy Queen, little Kathleen from the 1970s is clamoring and begging for a peanut buster parfait. She is walking into the store on Washington Avenue, holding her dad’s hand and waiting patiently. Nowadays, my taste buds long for the gooey, salty, rich, and guilty pleasure. There is an additional flavor there that didn’t exist before. Nostalgia. Nostalgia is now included in the canvas of tastes. Even though the DQ of my youth is no longer in business in Alton, the sweet memories live on.

Alton, Illinois location of a Dairy Queen store.
Original Alton, Illinois Dairy Queen

Happy 50th Birthday Dairy Queen’s Peanut Buster Parfait!

(Unfortunately, this is not affiliated with, nor promotion for, nor a paid advertisement, for Dairy Queen. I just love peanut buster parfaits.)

Have a great week! Make plans to do something fun this weekend!

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