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“It must be nice, you are always on vacation!”

“It must be nice, you are always on vacation!”

July 28, 2021

“It must be nice, you are always on vacation,” is a statement heard often by full-time RV’ers, usually said by a well-meaning friend, family member, or acquaintance.

What seems like a picture-perfect vacation on the outside: a camping vessel (RV, fifth wheel, travel trailer), lawn chairs placed under a pristine awning, grill strategically placed adjacent to the picnic table, adorable dog sleeping next to a chair, and those cute lights you saw at the store last week hanging across the awning. You immediately think, “They are so lucky to be on vacation all the time”! Looks, as you well know, can be deceiving. The outdoor living setup for us is usually aspirational, everything we hope to be doing after we get our work done.

Scene from movie 'RV' where the motorhome is in the lake.
“Home is where you park it.” – unknown

(Disclaimer: To clear it up, yes, there are folks who are financially set and don’t have to work or have retired. There are still problems though, no matter your income level.)

I love the idea of RV life being a constant vacation. But, it isn’t. I will let you in on something. The truth is life happens no matter if you are in a sticks-n-bricks or in a recreational vehicle. Life is life, you just determine how you are going to experience it and where. Yes, we can control how long we stay someplace and how fast we travel. We can live like locals in a new area or we can stop overnight, sleep in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and move on.

One example of our latest dealings with life is below.

We have one bathroom in our rig. The toilet in our bathroom broke. Thank goodness Shane has the knowledge of RV repair, engineering, mechanical, and construction. Due to his knowledge, we typically can bypass a repairman. He spent Friday night and Saturday working on the toilet and repairing it. Instead of enjoying the local sites as we had planned, we had to postpone. It was a priority to get our bathroom functioning again. The plumbing for RVs isn’t the most accessible either, no matter if you are small or 6’7” like Shane. Work began and after two trips to Home Depot, trips to our storage unit to unload basement storage items, and the RV repair department at our local RV dealer, Shane was able to fix the problem. Our toilet was back in business!

Toilet in a fifth wheel recreational vehicle.

Within 12 hours, the faucet in the bathroom was bumped with a towel that was in that sink, and surprise we flooded the bathroom, including the area below the sink. In the middle of the night, I get up to use the newly repaired toilet and I found that mess. I wasn’t the happiest wife on the planet, to say the least. No damage was done and clean-up was quick.

Camping joke what the world thinks I do and what I actually do.
Drive by our campground, you may catch Shane in his Cousin Eddie finest.

Reality is its life. It’s easy to share all the good stuff, the adventures, the pictures of the latest oooh, aaah moment. But, it wouldn’t be a complete picture. I have heard real-life stories from other RV’ers and we are all in the same situation.

A list of more fun than I care to admit too: We have flooded one of the basement compartments on a washing machine error, drove through a tornado, overfilled the washer with detergent, and had bubblepalooza 2021 out the side vent (that one was funny), flooded the bathroom, emergency dental work, sickness, eye problem, transmission issue with the truck, tow bill for our 38′ fifth wheel for $1,000, a tree fell on the truck, and the list goes on and on.

Life continues to happen whether you have a sticks-n-bricks or are living at home on the road. Life is what you make of it and how you determine it to be.

Be humble and kind,


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